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Milwaukee Tea & Corsetry Society
Recent Entries 
10th-Jun-2008 03:01 pm - An inquiry about Milwaukee lolitas?

Are any of the residents of Milwaukee fans of the Gothic Lolita or overall Lolita scene? I have been trying to find another lolita in Milwaukee, but it seems I'm the only one. I saw a link for lolitakisama below, and I thought there would be some lolitas in this community! I'm very excited to meet another lolita closeby.

29th-May-2008 03:06 pm - June Tea Meet
victorian tea
I'm sorry we had no tea meeting in May. :( Everything has been so busy for me. I've also been putting together a few more exciting things for the community that are only in my head until I can get some downtime. More on that soon.

It seems from the responses I received the best date/time combinations are the first Saturday or the fourth Sunday of every month between 1:00 and 4:00 P.M. (If this absolutely will never work for someone please let me know.) So our next tea time will be held Sunday, June 22nd at Rochambo Coffee & Tea House from 2:00 - 4:00 P.M. Rochambo is a very urban informal setting with a large tea selection and plenty of local artistic talent on the walls. They have a few outdoor tables right on Brady Street which would be nice if its sunny and warm that day. I love going people-watching, you know.

I would also like to see if we can set up a dinner at Shi Chai Hookah Lounge & Mediterranean Deli during the week since A) we tea day missed this month, B) weekday evenings may work better for some of our members, and C) Shi Chai is only open in the evenings and I hear the tea and food is top tier! :) If you're interested in a weekday dinner lets get some comments going and see when the best night would be.
8th-May-2008 01:31 pm - Local Members Please Respond
Please cast your vote for days and times for our monthly tea meetings! I know some of you have scheduling conflicts so I would like more than one person to give their input on this. I'll give this a few more days but I need to set a date for May's tea meeting pretty soon.


20 articles with beginner and intermediate levels. includes articles on tasting, measuring, tea varieties, health benefits, and food pairings.
2nd-May-2008 11:27 am - Regarding Monthly Tea Meetings
From the poll results, it seems that more of you would like to see the monthly tea meet on a set date each month. Since we all have different schedules (and because I love polls, if you couldn't tell already :P) here is one for days and times.

Poll #1181430 Prospective Tea Meeting Days and Times

What day(s) works with your schedule? (Check all that apply.)

First Saturday
First Sunday
Second Saturday
Second Sunday
Third Saturday
Third Sunday
Fourth Saturday
Fourth Sunday

What time(s) works with your schedule? (Check all that apply.)

12:00 - 2:00
1:00 - 3:00
2:00 - 4:00
3:00 - 5:00

Are any dates/times right out for you because of previous monthly engagements?

(This is a re-post. The poll in the last entry was broken so if you voted in the original entry please vote again because it was not counted.)
28th-Apr-2008 12:33 pm - Tea Dates
mucha tea
I would like to get the opinion of the local members of the community regarding our monthly tea meets. I know many of you have been unable to make it due to scheduling conflicts so I'd like to ask:

Poll #1179131 Tea Time Scheduling

Which would be better for your schedules?

picking from a list (polls that list each Sat/Sun of the month)
one set day each month (example: second Sunday of every month)

(or if you have another idea please leave a comment.)

Thank you for your feedback. :)
28th-Apr-2008 12:27 am - Brew City Tea Review
victorian tea
Saturday's lunch at Brew City Tea was fun, although I wish more people would have been able to make it. Jean, the owner, was very hospitable, offering our group delicious freshly-baked complimentary scones. (Thank you, dear. I'll definitely be returning!) It was good to meet/re-meet a few of the members. I really enjoyed your company.

I was very relaxed the intimate setting, sun-lit by one wall made entirely of windows. They have a half-dozen or so small cafe tables and decorate with local artists works. I also find it important to mention the tea house was very clean in appearance and smell.

The individual tea pots held enough for a few cups which made it possible to get several flavors and share. The most memorable tea was Sencha Kyoto, a flavored green that smelled strongly of cherries. We also tried the flavored black Brew City Gold house special tea. They offer a good variety of teas and even tea smoothies. (I'm still sad i forgot to try one!)

The food was of fine quality and portion sizes were good. I ordered a chicken salad panini with a side of fruit. For a generally simple meal I was very impressed. The warm sandwich was rich, piled high, and perfectly grilled. The fruit tasted like it was seasoned with cinnamon, complimenting the pineapple very well.

Star ReviewCollapse )
25th-Apr-2008 02:04 pm - Friendly Reminder
Just in case you've forgotten, our next tea house review will be tomorrow (Saturday, April 26th) at Brew City Tea House (140 N. Jefferson Ave.) from 2:00 - 4:00 PM. Hope to see you there!
Lolita Kisama

They have some amazing coats, shoes, handbags, buttons, patches, kitty hats, handfans, CDs... Its amazing. I'm really wanting the spider corset and black ninja fase mask! :P
7th-Apr-2008 12:54 pm - Awesome Articles
mucha tea
Tea Muse monthly newsletter

This is a pretty neat site. If you don't subscribe at least bookmark it. Tea Muse offers tea critiques, recipes, history articles, tea art, a chat room, and tea house map.
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