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Milwaukee Tea & Corsetry Society

MT&C Society
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Nostalgia for the Victorian Tea Party
Community Information

¨°ºO Milwaukee Tea & Corsetry Society Oº°¨

This community is a place for lovers of tea, tea culture, and historical/alternative fashion to discuss new ideas and old favorites.

MT&C Society Teatimes offer the opportunity each month to enjoy a fine meal in a rich atmosphere and formal attire. This tradition has diminished in our society and we believe its time to take it back. Well dressed and well-mannered gentlemen welcome.
Community Rules

  • This community has open membership so anyone can join.

  • Introduction posts are allowed and encouraged.

  • Please limit topics to the interests listed below.

  • You may promote a community if it is relevant to our interests.

  • Use decorum befitting of a lady. This is an all-ages community.

  • Please don't break the tables. Use lj cut for large images.

  • Do not claim images as your own that are not.

  • Give credit when credit is due.

List of Milwaukee Venues

Anaba Tea Room
style: Asian
ranked #1 in Wisconsin tea houses

George Watts Teashop
style: English
"Milwaukee’s most historic tea room"

Brew City Tea House & Cafe
style: urban
"Milwaukees first tea house"

Shi Chai
style: Mediterranean
hookah lounge, deli, & tea house

Rochambo Coffee & Tea House
trendy cafe open until midnight

style: Asian
tea stand & gift shop @ Memorial Mall
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